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What channels or segments do you think will show the most promise for resorts in 2021?

February 8, 2021 | Ask Duetto Team

If I were still sitting in the shoes of a corporate DORM or a DORM at a property level I would really be looking at where I'm still seeing production coming from. So simply looking at where the business is actually coming from, especially during the lowest times. And then making comparisons to the past.

I would say don't fall into the trap of what a lot of hotels saw in coming out of 2008/2009 where they were so heavily reliant on OTA just because that was the easy choice. Really try to maintain brand and rate integrity on your own websites to allow you to attract that traveler who may already know where they want to book but is just comparing you to what you have on Expedia. Ensure that you don't have better offers on OTAs relative to your own sites. Perhaps even finding ways to provide a little bit more value to that traveler for booking direct.

Things I've done before COVID were book direct perks: preferential treatment at the restaurants, upgrade opportunities, food and beverage credits that are tapped into the rate offering, where you may not necessarily offer that on an OTA.

So at a high level, don't fall into relying on OTAs simply because it's the easy choice. Find ways to be creative with your value offering.

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This question was answered by:

Gary Glodowski
Director of Customer Success, Americas

Gary Glodowski, CRME CHDM, has more than 15 years of hospitality and revenue management expertise. He assists clients in maximizing all that Duetto products have to offer; understanding customer requirements, facilitating implementation/training and providing thoughtful data-driven recommendations that align with specific business needs.

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