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What channels or segments do you think will show the most promise for casino resorts in 2021?

February 15, 2021 | Ask Duetto Team

With channels I think we have an opportunity. Casino resorts always have so much demand and so they don't always spend a lot of time looking at what other channels they could be on. That is going to be something revenue teams are going to have to think more about because 2021 is going to be transient all the way.

We know the group segment is not really going to come back in 2021. Maybe some conventions, but transient as what we are seeing. And transient, of course, is discretionary. First of all, we have to get our name out there. People are going to be looking for new opportunities to travel in ways they have never traveled before. You might not be able to rely on John Smith who lives 50 miles away from the casino who used to come every week. Now you have got to go out and find the next person who will be interested in coming and you have to explore new channels to do that.

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This question was answered by:

Daniel Lofton
Director of Hospitality Solutions, Americas

Daniel has served in several roles throughout his time at Duetto over the last four years, with the lion’s share of his time spent in consulting, working in the field with Duetto customers to optimize their revenue strategy. Prior to that, he was a Director of Revenue Management at Landry’s Hospitality where he worked with both their gaming and non-gaming hotels. Over the course of seven years with them, he handled property openings, brand transitions, and expansions.

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