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How can I use this downtime effectively from a hotel revenue perspective?

May 22, 2020 | Ask Duetto Team

How you use this downtime most effectively will depend on your role in the company. For example, you might find yourself with fewer team members or on a limited time contract. 

In any case, one thing you might consider doing with your time are projects you haven’t had time for until now. Are any of your team members available to tackle these projects now or with you? 

Also, evaluate the strengths of the people around you as well as your own. 

You might also consider cleaning up your rate codes and changing your room types. This is something that can only be done when all your room types are checked out. By not having a busy operation, you can do some of those technical things you might not otherwise be able to execute when fully booked.

Also consider, when you reopen or open with a limited capacity, you might see a shift in your customer base. You are going to need to prepare yourself to be a little bit more agile with the customer base you receive.

Ask yourself, ‘How do I make sure the setup I have and data I'm consuming is flexible? Do I need to make changes in my segmentation and can I do that with the tools I have right now?’

Use this time effectively and you will reap rewards when you reopen, either through new efficiencies to help you operate with a leaner team, or with new strategies—such as guest segmentation—to help you optimize revenue.

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