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How can a casino property adapt revenue strategy to best deal with current market uncertainties?

January 18, 2021 | Ask Duetto Team

Right now if you're a regional casino, outside of Las Vegas, you probably do a lot of complimentary business, people who are very close to the Casino Resort and can drive - they probably play pretty frequently in the casino itself and probably get a lot of free rooms, and that is really the channel that they focus on. But those regional casinos have an opportunity to start to pursue more cash channels, actual paying guest channels. For example, a lot of regional casinos I work with are not on Expedia or Those are easy channels that they can get on to be discovered by new organic guests. You won't necessarily be able to continue to use the same guest as before, depending on what area you're located in, so that is one good way you can get into new channels.

The other point that I would like to make is that a lot of casinos don't adopt a hybrid comp/cash strategy. In a lot of casinos the person is either completely complimentary, i.e. they get a completely free room, or they get a completely retail-rated room with no incentive whatsoever. With a revenue management system like Duetto you are able to do a hybrid comp/cash strategy. For example, your guest doesn't qualify for a free room on this particular trip but they shouldn't pay the full retail rate either, because they are loyal and visit here all the time. We should give them a good discount.

A program like Duetto helps facilitate those things. Comp/cash is a channel that is just not being utilized. Incentivizing people for their loyalty is one strategy that seems simple, but I just feel like we are not capturing enough market share with that.

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This question was answered by:

Daniel Lofton
Director of Hospitality Solutions, Americas

Daniel has served in several roles throughout his time at Duetto over the last four years, with the lion’s share of his time spent in consulting, working in the field with Duetto customers to optimize their revenue strategy. Prior to that, he was a Director of Revenue Management at Landry’s Hospitality where he worked with both their gaming and non-gaming hotels. Over the course of seven years with them, he handled property openings, brand transitions, and expansions.

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